Start at: Greenstockings Lake

(12-14 Days 253 kms) $2,513.70 * Charter Rate

Start at: Upper Carp Lake

(8-10 Days 180 kms) $1,911.53 * Charter Rate

Start at: Fishing Lake

(4-5 Days 112 kms) $1,192.80 * Charter Rate

Start at: Clan Lake

(2-3 Days 58 kms) $784.88 * Charter Rate

Optional Pick Up: Quyta Lake or Blue Fish Lake

Skip the Portage from Bluefish and crossing of Prosperous Lake

$525.00 * Charter Rate


(“Beg-ho-lo-dessy” - River of the Toothless Fish)

Take a step back in time, experience the thrill of flying out of Yellowknife's Old Town aboard a classic DHC-2 Beaver Floatplane. With your canoe tied to the side and your gear in the back, fly north over the vast and beautiful wilderness of the region.

Choose to be delivered to one of the many remote lakes that form the Yellowknife River. Enjoy profound wildlife viewing and fishing opportunities. Trip duration can easily be adjusted from two weeks down to just a few days if desired.

The headwaters of the Yellowknife River are Greenstockings Lake. Greenstockings Lake is located on the edge of the tree-line and the start of the barrenlands. The Yellowknife River flows south towards the city of Yellowknife and in to Great Slave Lake. Starting your trip at the headwaters will provide you with views of the tundra and barrenlands before descending the river into shield country.

The river offers a combination of white-water canoeing and lake paddling. Canoeists wishing to paddle the Yellowknife River should have basic river paddling skills. The most difficult white water portions can be bypassed using "The Nine Lakes" route used in 1821 by Franklin.

Choose to end your trip on the river early and arrange a floatplane pick up at the inflow to Blue Fish Lake, arrange vehicle pick up at the Yellowknife River Bridge at the Ingraham Trail, or paddle right into Yellowknife's Old Town.

If you require Maps, Outfitting Services, & Equipment Rentals these can be arranged through the Yellowknife Canoe Company.